Land Registry Processing

Tramiuris has all the technical and human resources to ensure maximum speed and efficiency processing title deeds.

It is responsible for the entire procedure of processing the application its complete registration, performing the post-signature management, preparing and submitting tax assessments in each case, and submitting the deeds in the corresponding Register (of real, commercial or personal property). It is also responsible for the various steps that must be taken before the Public Administrations.

Proceedings of real estate or property matters

Among the services offered are:

  • Application for signature verification of the firm.
  • Intervention in the cancellation of accounting and registration charges.
  • Annotation and cancellation of embargoes.
  • Preventive annotations by rectifiable defect.
  • Withdrawal and liquidation of the deed in Notary.
  • Calculation and application of provision of funds.
  • Liquidation of taxes.
  • Final presentation and subsequent withdrawal of deed once registered in the Registry.
  • Application for the liquidation of capital gains (tax on the increased value of urban land), in the case of transmission of ownership of property.
  • Liquidation of capital gains.
  • Processing transfer of registrable personal property.
  • Monitoring the situation of the defaulted farms, through simple notes provided by the Land Registry.
  • Processing deeds of sale.
  • Mortgage Loan Processing.
  • Processing of mortgage cancellation deed.
  • Processing of Constitutional deeds and cancellation of condition subsequent.
  • Processing deeds of new construction and completion of the same.
  • Processing deed of incorporation and dissolution of usufruct.
  • Processing segregation/assemblage of estates.
  • Processing of inheritances and donations.