Supplies, rates and more

Following the philosophy of integral service of Balms Abogados, Tramiuris has a department dedicated to all the necessary steps before and after buying a house.

It facilitates to the Spanish client, and especially to the foreigner, a previous study on all the possible debts and loads that fall on the property. And after having bought the property, it is responsible for payment of outstanding debts, change of ownership and set up a direct debit for all utility bills, taxes and expenses inherent in a home. Among the main services offered are:

  • Study of debts and charges on the property (mortgages, foreclosures, registered leases, usufructs, easements, etc.).
  • Certificate of urban development use.
  • House debts information (electricity, water, community, insurance, property tax and rubbish collection rate, etc.).
  • Estimation of capital gains tax.
  • Calculation of the minimum value of the house, taking into account the multiplier coefficient of the rateable value, the criteria for presentation of the statistics (national average, Andalusian average, size of the municipality, location and geographic areas) and annual and quarterly average data.
  • Contracting new supplies.
  • Requesting Supply Connections.
  • Requesting Supplies Bulletins.
  • Change of ownership and payment by direct debit of supplies, taxes and rates of the house.
  • Application and presentation of capital gains tax.
  • Presentation of model 901 in cadastre (declaration of ownership alteration and variation of participation fee in real estate).
  • Presentation of model 902 in cadastre (cadastral declaration for new construction, extension, remodelling or restoration of real estate).
  • Debt payment management.